Artist Statement & Biography

My creative process begins on location and takes the form of sketches and colour studies which I use to explore and record the interaction of shape and line between the natural and man-made environment. These studies are used as a working foundation for interpretation and translation onto canvas/board using oil or acrylic.

I enjoy using an expressionist approach rather than realist as I search and explore images that contrast and juxtapose shape, line and colour giving the viewer a means of adding their own interpretation.

My work has been exhibited in Edinburgh, Derby, Birmingham, Leicester, London, Athens and Honfleur.

In July 2022 I completed an artist residency awarded by the Trustees of Brisons Veor, St. Just, Cornwall, sponsored by The Arts Council.

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Carlisle College of Art and Design
Pre Diploma Foundation Course

Edinburgh College of Art
Four Year Degree Course
The Chalmers Bursary Award (Young Contemporaries)

Edinburgh College of Art
One Year Post Graduate Scholarship
Awarded Travelling Scholarship to ltaly

Leeds University
Post Graduate Teacher Training


Alva Academy, Clackmannanshire

Head of Design, Wycliffe Community College

Teaching Governor, Leicester

Board of Studies Advisor
Leicester University of Post Graduate Studies


Harrington Mill Studios, Long Eaton

Banks Mill Studios, Derby

Melbourne Creative Gallery & Studios, Derbyshire